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<p>Become a part of the community - **[SHAMILNFT](https://opensea.io/collection/shamilnft)**<br> Series - **AirDrop**<br> This is the largest Airdrop distribution.<br> **[Do you want to get this NFT? - Just add to favorites](<nft>)** ❤️<br> **[SHAMILNFT](https://opensea.io/collection/shamilnft)** - is a collection of the most smiling guy who is not sad like an APE, who loves glasses and adores hoodies.<br> The collection - **SHAMILNFT** consists of 22 series in different subjects. We draw all NFT manually, without using automatic generation. Each NFT is unique! **[Read more 🡢](https://shamilnft.com)**<br> **SHAMILNFT** collection was created specifically to be used as an avatar in social networks.<br> Join our social networks and follow the news about our collection.</p><br> <p>Website:<br> **[SHAMILNFT.COM](https://shamilnft.com)**</p> <p>Stay in the news:<br> **[TELEGRAM](https://t.me/shamilnft)** | **[MEDIUM](https://medium.com/@shamilnft)** | **[DISCORD](https://discord.gg/fR7tN57S)** | **[REDDIT](https://www.reddit.com/u/Shamilnft)**<br> <p>Join the community:<br> **[TWITTER](https://twitter.com/shamilnfts)** | **[INSTAGRAM](https://instagram.com/shamilnft)** | **[TIKTOK](https://www.tiktok.com/@shamilnft)** | **[PINTEREST](pinterest.com/shamilnfts)**<br> **Act right now. And may it bring benefits!** <br> **[Made with love for great people!](<nft>)** ❤️</p>