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Nft Purrtle Pack #2950
Purrtle Platoon
Purrtle Pack #2950
Not open for sale
Evaverse Purrtle Platoon is a collection of 10K playable companions for the Evaverse Cosmic Cup game mode. Each Purrtle is encapsulated within a Purrtle Pack and waiting for Evaverse players to hatch their new collectible Purrtle Companion. Purrtle Packs are hatched automatically by gaining Purrtle Pack XP while playing the Evaverse. To gain Purrtle Pack XP, simply equip your Purrtle Pack in-game and participate in any of the game modes Evaverse offers. Players who hatch their Purrtles quickly will be awarded more rare variations from the entire Purrtle collection. The EVAVERSE video game can be played on [Steam](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1628750/Evaverse). Visit [evaverse.com](https://evaverse.com) for more information [Evaverse First Arrivals](https://opensea.io/assets/evaverse) [Evaverse Turtle Troop](https://opensea.io/assets/eva-turtle)