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Nft Process Series. Artdrop III. Frederic Auerbach
The Auerbach Collection. Artdrop III. Frederic Auerbach.
Process Series. Artdrop III. Frederic Auerbach
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Accursed Share is proud to present Captured Moment: The Master’s Process, the first NFT collection by photographer-to-the-stars Frederic Auerbach. The collection consists of two NFT drops of process and master photos (1/1s) of five A-listers, plus airdrops. The stars in this collection are Benedict Cumberbatch, Natalie Portman, Sharon Stone, Mike Tyson and Zendaya. The Process Series reveals the delicate behind-the-scenes construction required for the production of a Master work. It includes 1,700 NFTs of 30 unique photographs of different rarity (150, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5). For the Master Series, each celebrity will have their own NFT set, including: a dynamic NFT highlighting different aspects of the Master photo by displaying various edits of the image at different times of day; the high-res digital photo NFT of the Master (one per star); a high-res and autographed print of each Master photo, and a unique video NFT of the behind-the-scenes interview detailing Auerbach’s creative approach, from Process to Master. Artdrop III corresponds to the Process Series. It is a video NFT of an exclusive interview with Frederic Auerbach for Captured Moment: The Master’s Process. Artdrop III is for the first 100,000 wallets on the whitelist. It is stored on the Polygon blockchain. Credits: Photography: Frederic Auerbach / Filmography: Gary Grenier / Producers: Accursed Share (Mónica Belevan, John Thomas Connor, Marcus de Ataide); André Antonelli, Frederic Auerbach, Eric Holdener / Engineer: Marcus de Ataide Captured Moment: The Master’s Process is an Accursed Share production, in association with Frederic Auerbach. Part of the proceeds from this project will be donated to Farm2People, Los Angeles.